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Excellent Dental Care
in Garland, Texas

About Message

At Bright White Dental, Our skilled and compassionate dentists are happy to offer our patients emergency dental care so they can heal from injuries to their teeth and get their oral health back on track. Time is of the essence in many emergency circumstances, so it's critical that you get the right care as soon as possible. In case of a dental emergency, Get in Touch with Us immediately.

Until you are able to visit one of our dentists, our staff can provide you guidance on how to take care of your oral health.

About Message

Bright White Dental - For enhanced oral hygiene.



Meet Our Dentists in Garland, TX

Dr. Jubliee Goel

Dr. Harpreet Sidhu

Our doctors take pride in the work they do and love being a part of our community. Between them, they have years of training, skills and experience to help you maximize your smile’s potential. They will give you personalized care at every visit and will help you understand your treatment options.


At our office, we place and restore dental implants. Unlike bridges and dentures, implants replace the entire tooth, including the root. An implant can improve the appearance and function of your smile and can keep your jawbone strong and healthy. Call our office to schedule your appointment.

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While wisdom teeth usually erupt in the teen and young adult years, they can come in at any time during adulthood. If that time has arrived for someone in your family, or even for you, our doctors are here to help. Contact our office and a member of our team can schedule your wisdom tooth removal.

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Have you given up on the appearance of your smile? Do you think it is too damaged or discolored to be saved? Why not call our office and schedule a consultation for a smile makeover? Our doctors and team can create a treatment plan designed to help you look your best and restore your confidence.

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There is no shortage of products that claim they can brighten your smile, but there is really no way of knowing if they do what they say they can or if they are even safe for you to use. At our office, we provide teeth whitening treatments that can give you the results you want in just one visit.

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Superior quality services
from Bright White Dental.

At Bright White Dental, Our dentists strive to go above and beyond your expectations by offering complete dental care. Gaining your trust and establishing a deep doctor-patient connection are our top priorities. As a member of our dental family, you can be confident that you'll receive the Best treatment possible for both general and cosmetic services. Select Bright White Dental as your primary Dental Care Provider!



Super cool staff. They always make my son feel special and at ease with their friendliness and cheerful attitudes. Love this place! 5 stars.

- Molly B.


I love this place, they are so sweet! This dentist and his staff makes sure you're comfortable and well informed. I would definitely recommend them!

- Kathy S.


If ur looking for a family Dentist,look no more!!! Dr.Sidhu and Dr.Goel as well as the staff go above and beyond for the comfort of their patients. Highly recommend them.

- Celia S.


THIS Dental office is great, they treat you like your family. I highly recommend coming here.

- Maria P.


Chad and sarah were very professional. Dr Goel did an amazing. I did not feel a thing fir my wisdom teeth extraction. I will return for further dental treatment.

- Junior D.


Contact Us


Maybe you have a problem with your smile, such as a cavity or a missing tooth, or you want to improve your smile’s appearance with one of our cosmetic treatments. Perhaps you would like to meet with our team for a second opinion about a diagnosis. We are happy to listen and help.

2001 S. Glenbrook Dr., Garland, TX 75041-1712